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Top Gear style Ride to Work Day challenge

Ride to work, enjoy the breakfast and watch the winner cross the line!

Fighting traffic, overcoming peak hour blues and finding a park when you finally arrive at work is a challenge faced on a daily basis by some, all while others are huffing it on a bike or squeezing themselves on a train. But at the end of the day, who’s the winner?

From left: Adrian Emilsen, Sally Northover, Julia Cooke, Philip White and John Macris. Photo by Phillipa Janos.Macquarie University is getting set to drop the flag on a commuter race to work during the annual Ride to Work Day celebrations on Wednesday 13 October. Staff members Sally Northover, Julia Cooke, Philip White and John Macris will put a car, push bike, electric bike and the train through their paces from Turramurra Train Station in a race to reach the finishing line – the Macquarie University central courtyard.

The race will begin at 8.30am sharp at Turramurra train station with competitors expected to arrive on campus sometime during the Ride to Work Day breakfast in the Central Courtyard, traffic permitting of course.

According to challenge organiser Adrian Emilsen, Macquarie University Sustainable Transport Officer, “many people are surprised at how much quicker it is to travel by bike regardless of how fit they are. It’s going to be very interesting to see who crosses the line first.”

Macquarie University is one of more than 3000 organisations that participate in the event annually, and all staff and students are being encouraged to get involved.

“Not only is riding a bike good exercise, it fits in perfectly with the University's commitment to create a sustainable campus community,” said Emilsen.

Macquarie established a Sustainability Office in 2007 and coordinates a number of initiatives on campus that will improve its sustainability performance and help to embed sustainability into the University's culture.

The initiative is both a response to external sustainability reporting requirements, and to demands from students and staff that their university become more sustainable.

To find out more about National Ride to Work Day, the Commuter Challenge, or to register to ride, please visit the Macquarie University Transport website.

What:  Ride to Work Day and the Macquarie University Commuter Challenge
When: Wednesday 13 October
Where: Macquarie University Central Courtyard
Time:  8am-10am