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A life in his hands

Image of Professor Morgan in medical scrubsTune in to Channel Seven’s new medical series, Last Chance Surgery and witness first hand the life-threatening journey one young couple take, with the helping hands of Macquarie University’s Professor Michael Morgan.

Most of us live with stress, but 40-year-old Tasmanian Christine lives with the knowledge that the aneurysm deep in her brain could rupture at any time and kill her.

Last Chance Surgery follows Christine and her partner Nick as they travel to Sydney to meet internationally acclaimed Neurosurgeon,and Dean of the Australian School of Advanced Medicine, Professor Michael Morgan, to see if he can ensure their future together.

With an impressive background in both neurovascular surgery for stroke prevention and research, Professor Morgan’s cases are complex and often referred on by other neurosurgeons. In this program Professor Morgan will help to give the public an insight into this area of medical science.

What: Last Chance Surgery (Channel Seven)
When: 22 September, 29 September, 6 October
Time: 8pm

Contact: Marion Malouf

Phone: xtn 4000